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You can't pluck them from the skies for your own keepsake...
You shouldn't hide them with the many lights from your houses..
You musn't outshine them with flashy fireworks...
Because, stars, like other beautiful things created by God, are meant to be shared..

>>Stars..they are beautiful,aren't they?But you have to be in a very dark place where there is no light pollution (meaning lampu2 jalan and buildings) to really enjoy their beauty..I still remember..we were on our way back from Miri to KL..the flight was delayed,so only at almost 2 am i think,we were able to board the plane...i was sitting at the seat beside the window (my fave seat!).when i looked out of the window...Subhanallah~~the stars..so bright,so beautiful...i wish i can have that view again~~
>>Actually..when i was in Form 2 or Form 3 if i'm not mistaken..my ambition was to be an astronomer..coz i love stars and planets!and i'm amazed at how vast our universe is..humans can't possibly explore it completely~though now i already chose being a pharmacist as my future career (insya Allah),i didn't plan to bury my passion and love for astronomy..i hope i can learn more about it little by little.plus,i'm planning to have my own telescope too!(bile da ade duit nnt la..bile da keje le maknenye*sigh*)..
>>Semua ciptaan Allah Taala ade fungsi dan hikmahnye kan...so,for me,bintang2 tu bukan hanya hiasan langit..tp jugak salah satu tanda kekuasaan-Nya..Subhanallah~

p/s: Today,i went to Pavillion for the 1st time..memang sahla that place is not a suitable place for me to do any kind of shopping..unless i'm planning to burn holes on my pocket!(or..wallet)mane taknye..mostly brg2 kat situ hargenye 3 digit dong!tu blom masuk kedai yg saya tak brani nak masuk..but the place itself is nice..lawa la..kalo nak lepak2 (not shopping ye) bole la kot..anyways,tonight is barbeque time!yippe~~

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