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Kalau mengikut Kamus Dewan Edisi Keempat terbitan Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka yang ada tercongok kat rak buku gabak dalam bilik ni, Ustazah tu maknanya; guru agama (perempuan).

Okay,tu cuma muqaddimah je..

I couldn't quite remember how many times I've been in the situation, but there's this one time that I remembered the most.
I was at a hospital, nak melawat ex-classmate time kat CFS PJ who got into an accident. Me and my friends entered the elevator and i saw a bunch of kids kat dalam lif tu with their parents..or was it..relatives? -shrugs- couldn't remember.eheh. And as they saw us, i heard one of the kids said to the other, "Wahh..ramainya ustazah kat sini.." with a hint of sarcasm.

To be completely and honestly honest..what the kid had said irked me..or in another word, i felt annoyed.
Oh..before i continue, maybe i should tell anyone who bothered to read this that i wear a 50" tudung,sometime 55"..both tudung Akel and tudung bawal..and so do most of my friends who were with me that day. So..you kinda get the idea why the kid had called us ustazah..right? :D and oh..we were wearing baju kurungs and jubah that day if i were not mistaken, sebab baru balik dr kelas.hahaaa
ok..sambung cerita..

Irked and annoyed (same je la tu) were what i felt...not because i dislike the title 'ustazah' or something..but because what i had in mind was, the kid was being sarcastic, seeing us wearing tudung besar & berbaju kurung macam tu.....OR..maybeee...i might be thinking too much at that time..ntah2 budak tu inesen je cakap camtu becoz in the kid's mind..tudung besar/labuh + baju kurung/jubah = ustazah kat sekolah. MAYBE the kid (i keep on using 'the kid' bcoz i couldn't remember whether it's a girl or a boy.i have TERRIBLE MEMORY.oh yes.) didn't mean to be sarcastic at all..maybe it's just me being paranoid..just maybe.
So, the point is..
I've come to realize that i shouldn't feel annoyed even if budak tu memang saje sarkastik that time..i could have taken it as a du'a that one day I (and maybe my friends as well) can actually become an ustazah..an ustazah for my friends..an ustazah at home,for my family,my children in the future..bukanlah maksudnya nak ngaja agama secara formal macam kat sekolah tu..but maybe to teach and share any religious knowledge (read: Islamic knowledge) which can lead us straight to His blessing and jannah. Insya Allah.

But then again...another confession..
Since i started my schooldays..i've been surrounded by people who have the same 'fashion' or 'style' like me (buat2 paham la ye), dari sekolah rendah sampai le uni. So, what i've been wearing was never an odd thing when i'm with them. But as i grow older...and yes,i'm definitely OLDER now, bila dah lagi banyak berjalan2 kat luar,more exposed to other people..i can't help but to notice that there are some people who'd still stare and look weirdly at me like i'm some kind of..er..alien?Sigh.
But (bape kali but dah ni..hahaha)..no worries!i shall prevail! eh..tetibe :P
Semoga Allah Taala beri kekuatan untuk terus istiqamah dan berusaha untuk memperbaiki diri..coz i know, i'm still lacking a lot..A LOT..

Imam Muslim meriwayatkan di dalam Shahihnya dari jalan Abu Hurairah radhiyallahu’anhu, dia berkata; Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam bersabda, “Islam datang dalam keadaan asing. Dan ia akan kembali menjadi asing sebagaimana kedatangannya. Maka beruntunglah orang-orang yang asing itu.” (HR. Muslim [145] dalam Kitab al-Iman.Syarh Muslim, 1/234).

Semoga kita sama2 tergolong dalam golongan orang2 yg asing tu..amin~

ni gambar hiasan je :)

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Love at second thought

 'Teacher' : Hari ni kita nak cerita pasal sesuatu yang ada kat sekeliling kita.Cuba teka apa dia?

Adik murid:Saya tahu!Allah!
Cacing saya cacing rainbow!
hujan rintik-rintik,kena cacing saya

I never expect that to spark creativity in someone's mind is quite challenging.in the first place, I thought we just need to describe things like the color,shape than that's it!people can just easily imagine and draw what we expect them to draw.But obviously,I don't know how many time I look at the kindergarten teacher(the power of non-verbal communication..haha!) to help me to make those kids imagine and start to draw..

Spending half day with these kindergarten kids really give me something.Who would expect them to give such answer(the above dialogue) when I actually try to give them hint about worm.Even me myself,I think I'm going to give other answer rather than what he had gave me(oh malunyer!!!).It really surprised me you know but ya,I did gave him some feedback which I wish that I could give him another better answer which I only thought after the program ended..huhu

Despite all the hyperactive reactions they gave(budak-budak la katakan) which really made us sore throat, they did made us smile.These kids are actually from Little Caliphs.So they answer some basic questions like "how are you?" in kind of Islamic way and of course in English(until my chinese team leader taught another answer..hahah)..They are just taught that way what.so?ahah!that's the point!

peace yo!!
Kids are so pure which everyone knows.They can easily accept what are taught to them no matter verbal or non-verbal..So I see that early education is very important which again I believe everyone knows too.But yet,people usually just let go the responsibilities to teachers at school without realizing (or maybe forgot?) that the true early education starts at home or to be more precise from the parents.So, what are we fussing about when we are not even married to have children?Yeah,but we do have nephews,nieces,small sisters or brothers or young ones in our family or at least around us right?

As I said before,kids can easily imitate us.So, don't expect them not to lie when we always lie to them that we promise to give them sweets or ice-cream just to make stop crying.But later on, we don't even give even a bite.Oh another one.be careful with how we respond to them because it may affect them later on.I give you an example which I used to hear..an adult used to scold kid when they start to ask this and that.But then, when the kid grown up,that kid is scolded by the adult for not being active in class by asking questions.How??

I believe answering small kids' questions aren't easy which me myself start to experience it when my 1 year and 9 months old nephew ask this and that.Even to answer him "papan iklan" after he pointed it also made me asking my sister either to answer "papan" or "iklan" as "papan iklan" is too long for him(ni belum lagi soalan yg lebih mencabar..huhu).But at least try our best to treat them by giving them some answers.They are learning and so do us. For me, it would be an honor to be part of their learning process.a positive one of course!!and especially when you see your little one growing up as a good person..^_^

p/s: After second thought, I am willing to go to kindergarten again to teach kids after refusing to do so in the first place.But before that,full bar of energy need to be prepared!

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Of being better..


Tiba-tiba teringat sesuatu..suatu catatan daripada satu pengisian..
Buku nota bercorak jalur2 berbagai warna diambil dari tempat asalnya;rak buku bertentang dengan katil. Dibelek-belek muka suratnya hingga ditemui apa yang dicari...

"Every pious person has a past"
"A sinner has a future"

Syaikh Dawood Butt said those words sebagai ala2 muqaddimah for his session that evening..and actually that session's title was.."Me and My Other Half" *cough2*.Don't get me wrong..i'm not going to rant about camne nak pilih pasangan and whatnot..at least,that won't be the main topic here..ahaks~

Still..it's interesting how the syaikh started his session/talk with those words. The moment he said those words, i could felt how true they were..

"Every pious person has a past"
"A sinner has a future"

Sejarah silam yang hitam or tak berapa putih..dark sides..if tak semua orang pun,most of us have those, right? Mungkin ada orang yg dulu pernah bercouple tanpa kenal batas, takde kesedaran nak tutup aurat properly, tak kenal or buat2 tak kenal yang haram & yang dilarang..and the list goes on..Tapi tak selamanya mereka2 yg buat semua tu akan bergelumang dlm tu kan?

Ada je yg,bak kata Inche Gabbana tauke blog APG, disapa atau ditegur oleh mak cik 'hidayah' dan alhamdulillah berubah jadi baik..and like my sister, Yah said, and i'm sure most of you dah lama agree with this statement; mereka2 yg pernah jadi 'jahat' or 'nakal' ni, once diorang berubah..as in bertaubat dan yg sewaktu dengannya..diorang bole jadi lg bagus,lg baik,lg soleh/solehah dr insan2 yg dah sedia baik dr dulu..err..i mean insan2 yg tak penah buat benda2 dasat la..
You know why?because..if according to me la..their guilt will make them more ikhlas untuk dekatkan diri pada Allah SWT..the thought of their dosas (read = dosa2) will make them lagi bersungguh2 untuk bertaubat..the feeling of once being distance from Him will make them wants to mengenali Allah SWT dgn lagi dalam..tak ke? 

On the other hand..the way i see it..or the way i personally feel..orang2 yg dah sedia 'baik' dari dulu ni, they think they don't have to do better ibadah-wise,character-wise etc..senang citer yg rasa dah dalam "comfort zone" ni la (tersedak jap). Rasa ibadah dah cukup..rasa diri dah cukup baik..but actually,i f you look deeper, there's still a lot more holes or gaps or..hm..room (?) for improvement. Iman kita sentiasa naik dan turun..ye dak? And sebenarnye..bagi insan2 yg dah ada dalam comfort zone ni sejak lahir lagi,eventho tak pernah ade rekod buat jenayah or dosa berat2, ade jek benda2 'tak best' yg dibuat..be it small or big.examples are; mengumpat,perasan diri bagus(read - 'ujub), tak jage adab dgn ibu bapa kawan2 or guru2,suka membazir... tho all the things mentioned just now tak dipandang berat by most people..tp it really can have negative effects on us..

So..insan2 yg dlm comfort zone tu pun kena selalu refleksi dan koreksi diri (e eh..i mean myself pon included la..) sebab kita tak tau amalan yg kita buat tu betul2 diterima Allah ke..?kita dah dapat redha Dia ke..?kita dah betul2 tutup aurat properly ke...?kita dah guna masa kita dengan sewajarnya ke..?kita dah tunaikan tanggungjawab amar makruf nahi mungkar ke..?Gulp.(eh..tertiru gaya orang tu pulak.eheh). 

*Lap peluh* Huhu..'ter'panjang plak post yg ni :-P 
Kesimpulannya..jangan pandang orang2 yg dlm kategori 'teruk' ni macam pandang kucing kurap or like they're some low-life..sbb mana tau,bila Allah SWT dah bukak pintu hati diorang,diorang bole lg jadi lg super duper hebat dari kita..and..bagi mereka2 yg Allah SWT dah pelihara dari buat benda2 dasat like i mentioned before..bersyukurlah..and, bila dah ada 'tag' baik or rasa cam diri tak penah pun buat benda bukan2, kena ingat yg tu bukan tiket utk melepaskan diri dari memperbaiki diri..memperelokkan diri..(dalam mau kira ye..bukan luaran..eh,tp bab aurat tu include skali la :D)

p/s: This is only MY interpretation of ayat2 Syaikh Dawood tu..mungkin ada explanation/interpretation yg lain skit according to others..

Kalau ada tersilap kata..mintak ampun..Ramadhan Kareem! (lg 16 hari je tinggal T_T)

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