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3rd and last..

Salam 'alaik..

It has been weeks since we last met...hopefully all of you are in the pink of health since most of us are in the mid sem and quizzes mode.Do take good care of yourself especially during this nice-to-sleep weather..

Speaking of quiz,last week was The 3rd National Pharmacy Quiz 2011.As stated in the title,it was the 3rd and the last national quiz organised by IPhA(IIUM Pharmacy Student's Society) before handling it over to new host for the 4th one,AIMST.Alhamdulillah as I was able to join this year event after excluding myself last year.To be honest, I really enjoyed being part of the committees and I'll miss the moment we've been working together days and nights.

I didn't mean to be buyers, but I belief there will be some if not all people agree with me if I say that this event was kind of GREAT(don't know what's the correct word is).Starting from the gimmicks that made people laugh and enjoyed themselves, multimedia presentation that causes the possibilities for flies to enter mouth, the dikir barat performance which was really fascinating(my friend said the lecturer from Brunei eagerly took pictures of them) and many more.The improvement of the quiz format do satisfying and I think it should be maintained.And another great thing is we received participation not only from local universities but also from Indonesia!!!

Not to forget the most important GREAT thing which is, our team finally grabbed back the champion title for this quiz after missing it last year!!!!Million of congratulations I would say and I'm really proud of them...Seems like our "Piala Tariq" could stay longer here before travelling to Kedah..:)

I wasn't in the pic.I'm jealous....can't wait for our jamuan..heheh

It's a nature for every program to have many kinds of difficulties,facing many kinds of people with many kinds of working habit.All these teaches us something about the world and how we could learn many new things from great people.But the most important thing is we could learn and realize the importance of creating a happy and enjoying working environment, so that we could still be relax even when obstacles come to hit us.

Being a human doesn't leave us from making any mistake.Maybe we had try our best to make things as perfect as we had planned.However, sometime or maybe most of the time it doesn't happen like what we want.Being in this condition doesn't open the door for us to blame other people for what had happened.I remembered one of my friend which is also the committee said "Walau apa pun,jgn rasa yang kita tak bersalah".Simple but full with meaning.Full stop.

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