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Expected and unexpected...

Salam alaik...

It had been a few days since my last post and now I’m coming back for my newest post...(heheheh…)maybe few of you might wondering what am I going to say here especially with this kind of title.Well,I had came back to my beloved hometown after quite few months last Thursday(tapi saya takdelah tak jumpa parents selama itu...;p).Actually it is not my real plan as I should be taking my bus to Penang that midnight.However, I got a phone call from my brother and he told me that my dad was hospitalized that morning.Seriously I was really really shocked.I knew that he had just recovered from his fever and I knew that my sister advised him to get a blood test coz his platelet level was quite low than normal.But I didn’t expect that he will be hospitalized.So my sister and I together with her husband decided to go back immediately that evening while my brother took his bus in the next morning.And definitely you will know what happened to my ticket right?burn!!!(bukan maksudkan terbakar tau..)…heheheh…My dad is more valuable,important and priceless ok!!:D

Alhamdulillah by this time he had recovered and having a very good rest at home.Secondly, I suddenly remembered the awful moment of getting my spm result.(mana taknye…pegi belek fail sijil sape suruh..;p).But then,there is nothing to be regret right?It had past..leave me back there and let me go on with my life.Still,the scare is still there(eceeehh..)Maybe for some people it might not really a disaster(exaggerate skit...hehehe..).Bak kata mereka”ok la tuu…kira bersyukur tau dapat macam tu”.I know that I should be really grateful but you how it feel when you didn’t get something that you aim for.At least near to your aim.Sometimes I think that He is actually answering my question.Why did I said that?I remembered one day I said to myself”apa agaknya ek rasa kalau tak dapat straight a’s?agaknya mampu tak nak hadapi?rasanya berat jugak dugaan tu.tapi Allah tak kan uji kita dgn sesuatu yang tak dapat kita tanggung.”so,I really had been tested(mulut masin...uhuhu) and now I realize that I actually can bear it and this also strengthen my belief and always think positively that everything He plan and make something happened is the best for us.And yes I am really grateful for what He had given me and very grateful for the place He had chosen for me to be put in.And we should also be grateful as He gives us all things that we need and not the things we want to have.

Life will never be easy.Even if you want to eat coz you have to put into your mouth or you will starve to death(dasat nye ayt..uhuhuh).Again there are some reasons why He test us and we should always take it positively.I know sometimes it is to bitter to swallow but then we have to learn it even though it might take some times.He is The All Knowing and He always know what He did.We human are only able to plan but don’t expect hundred percent that it will go as it.As for studies,it is true that sometimes we had struggle like dead to excel but then we still didn’t make it.There might be something wrong anywhere or there might be something beneath it that we didn’t know.

But it is possible that you dislike a thing which is good for you,and that you love a thing which is bad for you.But Allah knows,and you know not(Al-Baqarah:216)

I still remember a friend of mine said this in our class “maybe we didn’t get such result coz we’re not ready to be in that level of achievement .And that’s why He decide such thing to happen”. Yes,I really agree with her.However,I still have to find more courage coz sometimes I feel so scared but yet curious to faced things that will be coming in my future life.Whatever it is "tidak akan sesat seseorang manusia selagi berpegang kepada dua:al-Quran dan sunnah”


p/s:maaf sekiranya anda bosan...kerana post kali ini agak panjang..tapi sangat mengahargai kerana anda telah baca sehingga hujung ini..:D

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4 lighted candles:

`Aina AHS said...

akhirnyaaa...rai mengepost jua~~kte duk tnggu la hang post rai oi~~haha..
glad to hear that ur father is ok now..
psl spm result plak..i think Allah had given us what we deserved right?so..mknenye tu yg terbaik la kan.^^
“maybe we didn’t get such result coz we’re not ready to be in that level of achievement .And that’s why He decide such thing to happen”
ni kte yg kate ke?hmm..cam ye..tp cam tak..hahaha!

Anonymous said...

hahahah...sian die tggu ea..;p...maybe ad kot awk ckp..tp yg pling kte igt cik faddy laa..hehehe

buntat said...

aik rai?penang?awk ade projek ape kat sana tu?

ish..manade bosan baca?menusuk jiwa,menikam kalbu tu adela..(haha, awk sume memang x boleh lawan aa..ayat2 daku ini..haha*bongkak,riak*)
tapi,mulenye agak terkejutla jgak,akan kepanjangannya..sekali..lagi,another longgggggggggggg post..
but,xpe..lagi bagus.
terus hilang,dahaga rinduku ini padamu....
rai,lupe ckp td,takziah,ats ape yg tjadi pd ayah awak,ye?
May Allah bless ur family.dan para aktivis ke Gaza yg kini sedang ditahan Israel.tak habis2..

Anonymous said...

g penang mkn angin le...hehehhehe...anyway thanx..really grateful that he recovered..:D

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