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Salam pembuka kata,titik permulaan..a beginning..


*See how the gently fallen snow melts in my hand
Disappearing until nothing is left..like it was never there
Doesn't it seem like the most important things are the most fragile..
We can't hold onto them,they just drove quietly away

salam perkenalan buat semua..hehe...it's me,`Aina who is posting now..and just FYI,i like to make things simple yet in a way complicated and relaxed yet formal..(apela budak ni merapu..aiyaa)..yup,that's me^^

firstly,i would like to say thanks to Rai for inviting me to create and manage this blog together:)..kalo tak,mmg sampai ke tua kot xkan ade blog,hihi...

well..like she said,the reason why we're having this blog is to share..tak kisah la nak share ape pon..maybe experience,mutiara kata,tazkirah,ideas or...interests..hehe(so,kalo terselit dbsk ke,kpop jpop or yg sewaktu dgnnye jgn marah ye...^^)

insya Allah,melalui perkongsian ni kami berdua berharap dpt mendatangkan manfaat dan juge kebaikan kpd semua..amin..:D

So,with this,i'll end my very first post here..plese do enjoy your visit here and leave comments so that we can improve anything that should be improved,ok?^_^

-the scene that i really missT_T-

*lyrics from Asu wa Kuru Kara by thsk.credits:dbskarchives

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