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In the previous post, Rai dah share satu resepi kan..so,sekarang giliran saya pulak utk kongsi something^_^

This is quite like a book review la..tp mcm bukan pun ade..hehe..sbb saya tak review detail sgt pon (and i rarely write book review...so..not really good yet at book-reviewing?eheh).mungkin saya akan lebih byk cerita ttg apa yg saya dpt dari buku2 tu..i mean the lessons learnt la..

First off..my one and only..Harry Pothead!i mean..Harry Potter series!!ngeeee

Let's see..i guess most people know what Harry Potter is all about..right?well..wizardry..magic..and stuffs..I was a big fan of Harry Potter back then (am I not now?hmm..).reading those books non-stop,even sometimes skipping meals,sleeping late..coz they're addictive..yup..tak percaya?baca la sendiri..hohoho...I learnt quite a lot from Harry Potter..friendship,a strong and undividible one..loyalty..bravery..and the importance of being wise..you can be intelligent,but not wise....it's harder to be wise~

Next up...A Series of Unfortunate Events...

No..i don't have a complete set of this series yet..5 more books still missing,which means i haven't bought them yet..hehe..actually,as you can see from the title,these books are mostly about depressing stories..it's about how the three Baudelaires have to move from one place to another to survive from the evil Count Olaf only to have mishaps following them round too..yea..it's depressing yet enjoyable at the same time...you can see how the three kids solve their own problems using their own abilities^^...kids power!!!yeaaaahhh....LOL..

Moving on to...Girls of Riyadh,Nodody's Princess and Ways To Live Forever...

Girls of Riyadh..this book is really interesting..I think i need to read this book again..after reading it..i feel GLAD and THANKFUL that i live in Malaysia..i can be a more free Muslim girl here compared to those Saudi girls in the book..free in a good way,ok..

Nobody's Princess..basically it's about a girl or more specifically a princess,who yearns for something different..for freedom..she's not the typical princess..she's a cool one..yeah..more like a tough gal la..hehe..and i do tend to like cool and tough girl better :D

Ways To Live Forever..i freaking LOVE this one!!so sad...so innocent..ape lagi...for a lack of better words,it's a tear-jerker gak la..but the real tear-jerker for me is The Kite Runner T_T..the boy,Sam has leukaemia and he wants to know about dying despite the fact that he IS dying...life is short,live it to the fullest and of course,in the right way...

Maafla ye..semua buku kat sini English je..kena tnggu Rai la ek utk BM punya...hehe..kalau Rai nak buat jugak la...

and yeah..this is just the first part..more is coming^^

to be continued....

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7 lighted candles:

Anonymous said...

aina..we're like completing each other ek....u more to english n i more to malay...heheh...;p

Anonymous said...

aina,amboiii..nak menunjuk siri buku2 awk ke? x jeles pun..*muke bongkak* hihi..aina ..aina.."kite-runner" lagi?! tak abis2 ngan buku tu..awak tau,lepas sy bc ur words pasal "kite-runner" tu,trus sy trnampak word 'life' yg 2nd line tu as "liwat"..yess..dat word! ahaha macamanela blh jadi mcm tu?i'm going to blame dat on u,aina..

rai,br perasan ke?sy memg da agak ms dga korg nk wat blog...rai! cpat! apelagi? show ur ramlee awg mrsyinye lak...jgn bg sy tgu lame2..

jap,aina,stj ngan ur pndpat pasal,intelligent is not de same as being wise..nape?nak kate awak mnat dumbledore la ni ye? me too!!

lala said...

testin testin

buntat said...

kawan2ku.."lala" di ats adelah de same person as me..haha..

akhirnye..sy da x pelu bkak google account lg..(x selesai2 lg masalah teknikal tu) sy da tau carenye..

skrang rai,awak boleh berpuas hati..

inilah saat kewujudan scr rasmi sy..

fairy fairuz said...

hahaha!Girls of Riyadh tak best :p Ways to live Forever - sedey gile.

btw Kfairy tgh pk nk bli Diary of Wimpy Kid.super farnee!

`Aina AHS said...

buntat:=___= aish budak ni..mmg la ade liwat dlm kite runner tu,tp that's not the main part or sumthing!wait...it is actually...huhu..kalo awk ade come across Kite Runner tu,bace la ye..tear-jerker seyh...

K.fairy:yada!!u r here!hehe...emm..diary of wimpy kid?mcm penah dgr...bile nk blk sini?..bole gi amcorp mall same2..^^

fairy fairuz said...

insyallah end of the month kot.waa diary of a wimpy kid to sgt best!gi la tgk, lately mcm quite famous :D

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