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A road that had been taken

Sometimes we didn't realize that we had gone through this far
Even it might not be as what we had plan before
But belief it strongly that it is the best for us
because He is the one Who determined all this

As for me
I'm very grateful for what had been given to me
Another place that give meaningful memories
Another place that teach me a lot

Never regret for what had happened
because it had past and leave you
continue your life and create a better day
so you will never be regret again

Thanks my dearest friends
for what we had gone through together
with all the laughs and sorrow
make us know each other better

Until we meet again in the next journey
full of new battles and struggles
and let us live life to the fullest...

Anda berdua jangan kembang lebih-lebih ye...;p

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4 lighted candles:

shy said...

insyaAllah xkembang...
malu la...
apesal ltk gmba sy bsar2?

Anonymous said...

olololo...bole wat promo skali...;p

hanaani said...

ahaha kembang ape tu idong?badan?
haha..tq2..a'a beso ler gmbo ni

Anonymous said...

ok2...nnti rai cbe kecik kn ea..:D

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