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Do you know the real meaning of it?
We often hear sayings like "love is blind".."love is sacrificing for the one you love"..."love is anything but factual"..ok..i made that one up..hehe..

To tell you the truth,with the generosity and blessing of God,i've been able to feel and know about loves that come from parents..siblings..friends..teachers...from Him,the Almighty...but i'm yet to know and experience a love from a...man.. which is not my families,relatives,friends or teachers..i guess you already know what i mean..

I'm not telling you that i really want it now,nor that i'm in any way desperate for it..i'm just...curious..being at this age is what trigerring me,i guess..

We usually see on TV,in dramas particularly,about how a couple said that they loved each other to the extent that they're willing to do anything..everything..and all the crap..haha..
But..to be honest,i don't really believe in such thing as true love between man and woman...i always question if it really does exist...

However..what seems to amaze me is that..when i read stories,or more like fanfics(google it plez if you dunno what fanfic is..)which revolve about love,unrequited love,problematic love,or a loss of love..i can feel this pang in my heart..a twisted feeling in my stomach..maybe because the writers was too good?how can i possibly feel the pain if i haven't really experience it..let alone to believe it..

This then lead me to another question?what if i'll experience those myself?a loss of the one you love..your feelings not returned..loving the wrong person...will i be able to brace myself through these?

Well..i have come to a conclusion that..one thing for sure,no matter what happened..i'll always have Allah by my side..He will guide me to the right person..He will guide me to love the right way..

Either way,i'm not one to judge love more elaborately because i've yet more to explore....

p/s: sorry if this post bored you to death or makes you go "jiwang karatla plak minah ni.."^_^

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5 lighted candles:

wanna said...

hurm.. as u may hv ur speculations of love.. let juz hope ol ur speculations doesn't shadow ur feelings later.. alwez make sure ur cup is empty ya...

`Aina AHS said...

emm..thanks..i hope so too..love is such a complicated thing,isn'it?hehe..

Anonymous said...

aina,jgn merendh dr..tak bosan pun sy bc?n,the aina i know is F A R far away from being mnh krt ke ape ke..eh jap,apesal tetibo ni,aina?ckp psl bnd ni?ha,ni mst kes bc fanfic overdose ni kan?ahhahaha.btw, i'm buntat...(my undercover on9,cewah)

`Aina AHS said...

oooh cik buntat...anda mmg memahami diriku ini..hehehe...yup..bole la nk kate kte tulis post tu sbb fanfic overdose..hahah!tp mungkin jugak sbb that is something i just realized..^^

Anonymous said...

anyway buntat,i'm also quite surprise when aina said sumthing like dis...hahahahaha...tp no denial laaa utk ap yg aina rse tu..

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