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Okay..so this year..i'm 19
and believe it or not..i feel..quite old already..hahaha(ke mmg da agak tua sbnrnye?XD)

thanks to these people who're calling me 'akak' >.>

or maybe they're calling me 'akak' out of respect kot..but still..i prefer 'cik' (hehehe..degil tul!)

or maybe...my appearance mmg nmpk tua sket kot..i guess it's the way i dressed..but i'm NOT going to change the way i dress just to look younger..sy tau cara pemakaian sy belum 100% sempurna..but i'm thinking of maintaining it, if i cannot improve it..

anyways..that's just a little rant from me ^_^
i know that i'm not keeping the promise i made XD
and..esok atau lusa da kne pack barang da..huhu
UIA..i'll be back!!*singing 2PM's I'll Be Back*

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buntat said...

yeay yeay! aina n rai dah nak balik!!! yeay yeay! jap..rezat dah kuar kan??

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