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Click here and read!!!It's not about getting rich in a blink of eye

Having free times or just finding ways to release your tension??

Salam a'laik

Today I'm going to promote you something..As said before,it's not about how to make you rich within few seconds or what ever...Here's the promotion(^__^):

Starting from 8th October till 10th October 2010,IIUM Kuantan Campus(or better known as UIA kampus Kuantan which is in Kuantan,Pahang OK!!! NOT Gombak) will be organizing IIUM Kuantan Open Day 2010(IKOD 2010) which previously known as I-Queust(for the last two years I guest).Many events will be held throughout those days such as Martial Arts Performances, Taekwondo Tournament, Futsal and Netball Tournament(promote my division first la kan...hehehe).The special thing here is there will be special performances of Capoiera Brasil during the Martial Arts Performances InsyaAllah...Maybe some of you had familiar with this Capoiera thing but for those who don't,let me tell you a little bit of it...

Capoiera is a kind of martial arts originated from Brazil..This martial arts might not look like a martial arts(for me) as it's also looks like a dancing.but the important thing is,this martial art is really interesting especially as it will be performed by those who are really into it.

For other information you can refer to this:

3rd IIUM Invitational Taekwondo Championship
- Date: 8th - 10th October 2010
- Venue: Examination Hall, Kulliyyah of Medicine
- Prizes: Medals for Champion, 1st Runner Up and 2nd Runner Up of each category
- open to Kuantan Taekwondo Club members

Futsal and Netball Tournaments
- Date: 8th - 10th October 2010
- Venue: Courts in front of Kulliyyah of Medicine
- Prizes: Medals and cash money
- open to all students and staffs of IIUM and also outsiders
* Futsall for male participants
* Netball for female participants
*All participants will get some gift from our sponsor!!!

Actually there are lots more activities that will be organized...but it's just too much to be explain here then..So,to know more about this event you can click HERE

What are you waiting for????Take out your calendar or personal organizer or call your personal secretary and book those dates for this event.Bring along your friends or families(or maybe the whole village...woah...0_o) to merrier our IIUM Kuantan..It's just in 3 weeks time..See you there(for me it's here..:p)!!!

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6 lighted candles:

shy said...

amboi, semangatnya rai mempromote uia kuantan dia...eh, rai blaja taekwando gk ke?

Anonymous said...

hahahhaha...bukan ap..mmg diberi kerja(actually pilih sndri..muahahahah) utk promote aktiviti2 ni...

x join pn taekwondo tu...like i said it's my job to promote n get participant...nk join?mari2...heheh

meh le dtg kalo free...:D

buntat said...

ai..berbahasa inggeris cik rai kite kali ni..


capoiera. 1st tyme sy denga ade capoiera(fusa announce kat depan kelas),terus saye put nota in-standby handset saye tau..insyaAllah saye pergi..walaupun 11 haribulan tu dah nak exam dah ~~~~

harapan tinngi kat capoiera tu..can't wait!

Anonymous said...

ahaaaa...kite kena multilanguage kn...hehehehe...
dtg jgn x dtg....bwk smua org kt mahallah awk tu...meriah skit..heheheh

perindu_خلافة said...

thanx ea raihanah..
cz promote IKOD kat sini,
pape pun good job utk progrm yg lepas,
rizqan appreciate sgt sumer yg membantu ^_^

Terima Kasih,

Anonymous said...

don't mention it...mmg responsibility sy pn promot2 ni.....still sy minta maaf x dpt nk penuhkan kuota yg sepatutnya n x dpt nk dtg mse IKOD spenuhnya...thanx a lot sbb byk tolong kami..:D

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