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Jack of All Trades, Master of None

According to Wikipedia,"Jack of all trades, master of none" is a figure of speech used in reference to a generalist: a person that is competent with many skills but is not outstanding in any particular one.

A Jack of all trades may be a master of integration, as such an individual knows enough from many learned trades and skills to be able to bring their disciplines together in a practical manner, and is not a specialist.

That is how i see myself...

I know how to do quite a lot of things but never am an expert in any though..let me give you an example,i mean..examples...i know how to play chess, carom, bowling(ok la..), badminton. I know how to sew, bake..what else?ok..xdela byk sgt..just quite a few :D..i had experienced things that I think not all my friends had had, like 'rempit'-ing with go-kart, riding ATV, doing archery and horse-riding..i didn't mean to boast or anything..i'm just saying that I've done those things..but I'm not good in any of those..hahaha..how I wish I can be an expert in something..anything..look..i'm even struggling with this post..i'm just not quite a writer like our Rai :P

Searching for the answer to the question of "why do I see myself as a jack of all trades. master of none", I'd looked at myself..and I found that the answer is..i'd never really put all my heart and effort in things that I do,well..maybe except for my studies and also my k-pop (dbsk) addiction..hehe..other things that I've mentioned,I just did it for fun or rather like..saje nak try..

I believe, for someone to be good at something..he or she needs to put his or her heart in it, go further than anyone else..not to mention to have the talent (which is something I don't think I have..huhu) I'm yet to find something that I enjoy doing it and can be good at it..well..something other than the profession I'll be joining,a pharmacist. Maybe any of you guys can suggest something to me,right?(other than cooking please..^_^)

On a sidenote (betoi ka ayat ni?), I'll be going back to Kuantan tomorrow~~*sigh*blum pack brg lg ni haa…aigoo..not feeling quite ready for classes, lab reports and all other head-spinning-stuffs! Tp..itu la lumrah hidup seorg student en?bile lg nak experience sume tu kalo bukan skrang?kan2?:D

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4 lighted candles:

buntat bebel said...

aina..seriously..tadi tyme tgah steam membaca..sampaila ayat "'rempit'-ing with go-kart" tu..saye terberenti kejap."eh,jap, rai? rai=rempit? tak mungkin..." terus saye scroll baca balik..baru tahu..

but still..aina..rempit..memang takleh bayang jugak..haha..pakai baju kurung..haha..tudung labuh..haha..pakai helmet..haha..kepala kecik je nampak dalam go-kart merah....
can't blame me,aina.awak tu yang jarang post things.hehe..
btw..nice one ,aina.

but..saye tak rase,semua orang harus wajib mandatory tidak dapat tidak,nak master something,they've GOT TO HAVE "the talent".
"di mana ada kemahuan,di situ ada jalan".(disclaimer:saya bukan rai.haha)

Anonymous said...

buntat...ap slh nye rempit ngan go-kart...best jgak tu...kt litar yg sah ag tau...tp jgn la bygkan ngan bju kurungg n tudung labuh...x penah dibuat org kot....hahahahahah

"(disclaimer:saya bukan rai.haha)"????...nk kte ap tu?

n lastly...can i be someone who are very good in riding banana boat?;p

buntat said...

yelahhh..rai kan suka bermadah,berpuisi,bersajakkkk...nan indah...

manela tau..kot2..ade orang nak syak,saye ni awakla..sebab saye dah siap bagi idiom lagi...hehe

"riding banana boat"?


how about..."enjoying banana split" instead?

mm..sedapnye desert ni..lame dh tak rasa..makan..

Anonymous said...

huhuh...rindu kt banana split kt secret recipe...hah...alang2 buntat dh sebut,belanja laa ktorg...;p

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