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The learning process

An evening in the lab....

Madam:Why is it very important to state the amount and strength of medication on the label?

White-coat-bearers: To know the expiry date....To determine the stability....To be recorded in the record book...To....bla....bla..(bunyi ala2 lebah terbang berkumpulan)

Madam: Let say you dispense 21 capsules of ampicilin for 1 week,then the patient finish it the next two days after you dispense it.Meaning it will be very toxic for the patient.So, when you write the amount and strength,it will be easier for the paramedics to treat the overdose of drugs taken..


Madam: Now what is important when you dispense a medication?

White-coat-bearers: Write the amount and strength of medication, put the label below the container for creams and ointment...!!!!(with full of spirit faces..;p)

White-coat-bearers:**busy changing the answers in the lab report**

Madam: There is no use changing the answers because I have check it.Minus one for the wrong answers...

White-coat-bearers:alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...(with dissapointed face)

Madam: Learn from the mistake okay!!(with smiling face)..

.::. No one will know something without learning.It is common to make mistakes in the first place so that we'll improve ourselves.People used to remember things that had been done wrongly for the whole life and try not to repeat it.Like how I remember that staplers in arabic is not "stapleziyun" but actually "dabbasatun".That's why people always said that the effective way of learning is to learn from the mistakes.Not just ours but also others.And I belief that this does not just implemented in curriculum,but also in life.Because LIFE ITSELF IS A PROCESS OF LEARNING.

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2 lighted candles:

buntat said...


serious eh rai?


kok ye pun,tak semuala Arabic fully axtracted from English..


rai dah pandai wat lawak sjak jadi MC ni..hehe

Anonymous said...

betul..tula jawapan yang rai bg mse test arab time form 3..huhuh..dh tak tau sgt ..tu yg smpai hentam 'stapleziyun'...xd kaitan ngan jd MC ye..heheh

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