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Want a good health?then....

Salam 'alaik..

It has been few days we left this blog without any latest post..Sorry for that as we're in the mode of final exam for this semester..And I think most of us are busy for the same thing too..And due to this condition I belief that most of us would start to sacrifice their sleep!!!YES, YOUR SLEEP!!

Before you go on with your intention of unnecessary sacrifice,please think about it back...WHY???Here are something that could be shared regarding this issue..I go through this in my lecture notes and please don't feel weird about this as we do learn about all these things..

When you don't have enough sleep,you may undergo...

1.Memory loss
2.Emotional instability
3. Exhaustion,DELUSIONS,PARANOIA, HALLUCINATIONS over a prolonged period of sleep deprivation
4.Decreased concentration and creativity and DISRUPTION IN ABILITY TO LEARN
5.Decreased efficiency and productivity
6.Impaired judgment
7. Loss of patient
8.Impaired immune system
9.Increased feeling of depression
10.Slowed reaction time

You yourself can read how much side effect will be "dating" you if you didn't get enough sleep..SO,THINK YOURSELF WHAT YOU SHOULD DO...but bare in mind one thing..get enough and NOT OVER SLEEP..have a great day!!!

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