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Inside "her"

Early Reminder:As clearly stated in the title,this post is related to "her" and not "he"..but if "he" would like to continue reading,it would be a pleasure and may "he" get benefit that will be shared with any of his "her"

Salam 'alaik..

Have you ever experienced irregular menstrual cycle or maybe problem in getting pregnancy for those who are married?(this question is obviously for women).Well...if the answer is yes,you are probably having POLYCYSTIC OVARY SYNDROME..I only heard this term for few times and try to search more about it..

It is actually a condition happen when there is imbalance in female's sex hormone.These hormones are very important in regulating the menstrual cycle.Usually, one egg or maybe more will be release in either left or right ovary.However, the eggs in the follicles(sac where the egg present) do not mature and not released from ovary and can form very small cyst in the ovary.

I believe it is something that should not be taken easily as it can cause infertility.Women having this syndrome might undergo irregular menstrual cycle(more frequent or less),absent of periods(with the history having normal cycle atleast once),developement of male sex characteristics or skin changes such as acne which get worse.When I ask my sister, the detection may be done by having an ultrasound to detect any changes in size of the ovary.In this syndrome,the size of one or both ovaries will be larger than normal.But there are also other ways to detect this syndrome.

The good news is, this polycystic ovary syndrome can be treated by taking medicine prescribed by doctors to balance the hormones level and regulate back menstrual cycle.It can also be treated by undergoing surgery known as pelvic laparoscopy.So, don't worry if you're diagnosed with it.

Isn't it important to detect any changes in your health..If you are having any abnormalities,just try to ask your family members,friends or straight away go to your doctor.Then you will know what really happen to you(sound like scarying huh...;p..no lah!!)...For more info,just Google or Bing or anything for it...^_^

Cyst:a closed sac having a distinct membrane and division on the nearby tissue.It may contain air,fluids or semi-solid material-->from wikipedia

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4 lighted candles:

Dr. Buntat said...

If any of us,ever experienced irregular menstrual cycle,try Evening Prim Rose!

By God's Will, even keputihan pun hilang!!

tapi,macam awak tulisla rai..baik consult ngan dr n family dulu..

`Aina AHS said...

waah..akhirnye cik buntat, i mean Dr.Buntat kte aktif kembali..ni yg nk kne mengepost gak ni..haha!

Anonymous said...

buntat:evening prim rose?mcm pernah dgr..ad promot dlm iklan ke?yup!keberkesanan ubat pun depends on individual..kdg2 lain org lain medication nye..pape pun biiznillah..

aina:better u make it true ASAP..;p(hahahahahah!!!)

Dr. Buntat said...

ayuhhh ainaa!!!

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