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The "C" word

I love orange but strawberries are great...TAKE BOTH!!!!:p

Salam 'alaik..

Life is full of choices.It appears whenever and wherever we are.Making decision wasn't an easy task even to decide either to choose macaroon or gelato ice-cream when you can only pick one.and because of the multiple choices we have, it requires us to search and find out the pros and cons for each from an authentic source/s.And it is also a challenge when you need to make a decision because you decide it without being influence by others.The bigger the number you have in your age, the larger the importance of the "choosing power" that may give great impacts not only to you but may also to others.

YES!!!Do istikharah and ask Him the guidance in choosing the best for you.Thus, you will not regret for what you have chose even how big the tornado come to centrifuge you...IT"S ALL IN OUR HANDS..

foot note: For those who are going back home, have a safe journey and may you have a great time with your family... (^_^)

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5 lighted candles:

buntat said...

if only the choices that we have sesenang memilih antara strawberi n oren..

"I love orange but strawberries are great...TAKE BOTH!!"

Anonymous said...

maybe we would think life would be easier if the choices we have are easy to decide..but sometimes even the simple thing make us headache to make the decision..hhuhuhuhu

buntat said...

ha'ahla kan?


lastly,memang tak boleh lari dr fitrah jugak,kan?


nak balik uia ke,nak stay kat rumah sampai bila2? ish3..pening2...

istikharah!(rase cam jawapan die berat sebelah nati..hehe)

Anonymous said...

nk blk uia atau duk rumah selamanya???!!!!...sabo jelah..awk pn tau kan pilihan mana yg lebih byk baiknya..kata nk dpt MBBS..wink2..>.<

buntat said...



saye kene sambung belaja sampai ujung bulan 6..

kire macam "short sem" ...

ni pun dah ade kat UIA ni..

Rai,Aina..hargaila saat2mu di rumah ye..

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