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Doctor or Pharmacist??

Salam Aidil Adha buat semua~~
Alhamdulillah sy berkesempatan lg nk 'post' di blog ter'chenta' ni..hehe ;)
so..here goes my rant..harap2 ade yg sudi membaca :)

Hm..sume org mesti ade cita2 sejak dr kecik lg kn?well..for me..i have quite a number of them..seingat sy..mule2 cita2 nak jd doktor (quite common kan dulu..no offence.hehe) pastu nak jd chef la (terpengaruh ngan cite Cina kat TV3 :P ), fashion designer la(but i still hv 'love and interest' for fashion up til now ^_^)..pastu ape lg..nak jd astronomer la(i've said sumthing bout this b4 rite?),lg..ha!biotechnologist la..tp actually x penah tau pon what's exactly biotechnology is all about..huhu...

banyak en?but to be honest..no matter bape kali sy asyik tukar cita2..sy tetap ade tanam angan2 nak jd doktor sbnrnye..dunno why..i've always seen doctor in a different light than other careers..but,it's only when i really REALLY realized that i don't hv the..what u call it?capability?strength?ability?or...is it criteria(?) to be a doctor that i gave up that ambition...sy bukan je tkut tgk darah..tkut tgk organ2 yg merah2 tu..luka besar *shudders*..but the most important part is..i dun think i'm mentally strong to be a doctor..

that's why..when i was in Form 4..i asked my mom's opinion about my ambition..and she suggested being a pharmacist to me..and i accepted her suggestion..besides,i DO love chemistry (though it's not directly or entirely related to pharmacy..but still..) so that's how it all started...but thinking about it now..i'm glad i chose this field..and i'm starting to fall in love with pharmacy..for real..

but deep...deep inside me...feeling of wanting to become a healer or more specifically a doctor is still there..sometimes it's just a very small fraction of feeling..sometimes it's big as if it'd filled up my heart..haha..tp..sy sentiasa ingtkan diri dgn ayat ni "La yukallifullahu nafsan illa wus`aha" ; Allah tidak akan membebani seseorang melainkan dgn kesanggupannya..so,mknenye..insya Allah..pharmacist ni lah yg terbaik dan padan dgn kemampuan sy..dan bukannye doktor..

bile pikir2 blk..pharmacists are also healers right?not as direct as doctor i suppose..tp still memainkn peranan yg penting..ape yg paling penting ialah..keikhlasan kte..ikhlas nak bantu org..ikhlas nak sembuhkn org(dgn izin Allah semestinye)that's all that matters ;)

actually..what'd sparked me to write this post is..my mom has been sick for the last few days..i think she got some inflammation or like nanah at her thyroid gland..and she just got back from hospital today.. dia kne cucuk kat leher coz doktor nak amek sample of lendir in her thyroid gland i guess..and..she said this to me when i entered her room to ask about nasi empet (utk raye esok!^_^) "Nape la aina tak jd doktor...kalo tak,da bole tgkkn mak punye tekak ni ha..." hm..not saying that i'm blaming my mom or i hate it when she said that..it's just that..what she said made me re-think why i chose pharmacy over medicine...why i chose this path instead of the other...

ok la...da pjg benor da sy mencoteng..i mean mencoret :P
kang tulis pjg2 sgt org da malas nk bace..haha!
once again..Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha buat semua! -nk kne gi dapur tlg masak plak-
and...I"M PROUD TO BE A PHARMACIST!!ok...that was random :P
cuti2 ni..maybe sy akan lbih rajin menge'post'...MAYBE...hehe


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2 lighted candles:

buntat said...

aina..mak cik sakit? saye doakan agar mak cik cepat sembuh.
ala..kalu jadi pelajar medik,sekarang ni kami ni baru takat nak bersuai-kenal ngan ape tu inflammation.ape kandungan nanah.tu je.
mak awk saje je ckap macam tu..nak usik awakla.
semua orang di dunia ni have their own specific roles,aina.can't be all the same.
moga2 kite same2 berjaya ye..aina?
-manade bosan nak baca,lame tunggu post awk ni tau.ni dah cuti seBULAN ni ape lagi...(haha)

`Aina AHS said...

thanks lina..alhamdulillah..mak kite da makin sihat skang~
haha..ye la kot..dia saje nk usik kte kot..
hehe..i'll try to post here as much as i can time cuti ni..:D

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