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@>Sometimes we're are hoping for someone to comfort us,but we forgot that He is just there very near than we expect..(50:16)

@>The hard time we had might be a door for better things in life(2:216)

@>Help will always be sent by Him,it's either we realise it or not

@>Just a single trial,you will reveal your inner self without even noticing it.

@>Request couldn't be fulfill just because ready-ness wasn't there

@>"Urgh!!the world is so cruel!!"...."Nope,the cruel one is not the world but it's the species we're in."

@>A light push on a button might not make a machine work..but with a great pressure,even a load of work can be done even it is thought as impossible or hard previously...that's how human might be..

@>Veteran people do have lots of experience that allow them to understand what we have in mind and translate it into words or action without we express it..hohohohoh...^_^

It's just not easy

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