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It's Back!!

Salam 'alaik..

Long time no see huh?:)..Well, the IIUM Interschool Debating Championship is coming again and this year it will be from 15th to 20th July in IIUM Gombak.This is a great event as it open the opportunities for secondary students to show their talents in debate either in English or Malay.Debate is not all about arguing with each other and making chaos, but it is actually training us how to think critically,organize and speak accordingly,be firm with the stand you have and many more.

For me, the best thing about debate is when you can give out your points and answer point of information(P.O.I) from your opponent well.And interesting part in this championship(atleast for me...heheh) is you'll be running while discussing with your teammates or maybe busy searching for definition related to motion(title for debate) from the dictionary.These phenomena will definitely happen as the motion will only be released before the debate session and the time given for preparation is very limited.You will only have less than one hour starting from the time you're released from the gathering hall to the respective venue to brain storm about the motion.Can you imagine how challenging is that?

To be involved in this "world" seriously(joining championship etc.),it requires both your passion and commitment..if you don't have any or both,i guess it will be hard..but truly,the experience involving in it is quite interesting..

Finally,all the best to all teams from my previous school (especially English..wink2~~) who are facing all the challenges in this event for this year..May what you undergo for this one week be very valuable and meaningful..and to my teammates during our time,may our memories remain and strengthen our ukhuwah..:)

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2 lighted candles:

fathanah said...

siyes la rai,,rindu gle tym nih :)

Anonymous said...

tula...ble kenang blk time lari2 tu..rase klaka pn ad...

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