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Love at second thought

 'Teacher' : Hari ni kita nak cerita pasal sesuatu yang ada kat sekeliling kita.Cuba teka apa dia?

Adik murid:Saya tahu!Allah!
Cacing saya cacing rainbow!
hujan rintik-rintik,kena cacing saya

I never expect that to spark creativity in someone's mind is quite challenging.in the first place, I thought we just need to describe things like the color,shape than that's it!people can just easily imagine and draw what we expect them to draw.But obviously,I don't know how many time I look at the kindergarten teacher(the power of non-verbal communication..haha!) to help me to make those kids imagine and start to draw..

Spending half day with these kindergarten kids really give me something.Who would expect them to give such answer(the above dialogue) when I actually try to give them hint about worm.Even me myself,I think I'm going to give other answer rather than what he had gave me(oh malunyer!!!).It really surprised me you know but ya,I did gave him some feedback which I wish that I could give him another better answer which I only thought after the program ended..huhu

Despite all the hyperactive reactions they gave(budak-budak la katakan) which really made us sore throat, they did made us smile.These kids are actually from Little Caliphs.So they answer some basic questions like "how are you?" in kind of Islamic way and of course in English(until my chinese team leader taught another answer..hahah)..They are just taught that way what.so?ahah!that's the point!

peace yo!!
Kids are so pure which everyone knows.They can easily accept what are taught to them no matter verbal or non-verbal..So I see that early education is very important which again I believe everyone knows too.But yet,people usually just let go the responsibilities to teachers at school without realizing (or maybe forgot?) that the true early education starts at home or to be more precise from the parents.So, what are we fussing about when we are not even married to have children?Yeah,but we do have nephews,nieces,small sisters or brothers or young ones in our family or at least around us right?

As I said before,kids can easily imitate us.So, don't expect them not to lie when we always lie to them that we promise to give them sweets or ice-cream just to make stop crying.But later on, we don't even give even a bite.Oh another one.be careful with how we respond to them because it may affect them later on.I give you an example which I used to hear..an adult used to scold kid when they start to ask this and that.But then, when the kid grown up,that kid is scolded by the adult for not being active in class by asking questions.How??

I believe answering small kids' questions aren't easy which me myself start to experience it when my 1 year and 9 months old nephew ask this and that.Even to answer him "papan iklan" after he pointed it also made me asking my sister either to answer "papan" or "iklan" as "papan iklan" is too long for him(ni belum lagi soalan yg lebih mencabar..huhu).But at least try our best to treat them by giving them some answers.They are learning and so do us. For me, it would be an honor to be part of their learning process.a positive one of course!!and especially when you see your little one growing up as a good person..^_^

p/s: After second thought, I am willing to go to kindergarten again to teach kids after refusing to do so in the first place.But before that,full bar of energy need to be prepared!

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